Top 5 Best Tech Blogs In Nigeria [Latest Results 2017]

Top 5 Best Tech Blogs In Nigeria [Latest Results 2017]
4/ 5 stars - "Top 5 Best Tech Blogs In Nigeria [Latest Results 2017]" This is a guest post written and complied by NOTJUSTECH BLOGGER. Today, there are lots of tech blogs in Nigeria, and even people wh...

This is a guest post written and complied by NOTJUSTECH BLOGGER.

Today, there are lots of tech blogs in Nigeria, and even people who are even aspiring or planning to launch a tech blog for themselves.

In fact, as of yesterday, I met a part entertainment blogger here in Anambra State, Nigeria and we were discussing on the kind of Niche that really get the highest traffic on daily basis.
So we carried out an online research, and after sometimes we came up with tangible results of five top best blogs in Nigeria.

So if you are here and you are just too desperate to see and know the top five best tech blogs in Nigeria, well don’t worry we are some miles to getting the full lists of the top tech blogs in Nigeria.
As of January to this very month of May, we were able to gather some of the results of these tech blogs in Nigeria.

See full lists of Top 5 tech blogs in Nigeria.

1.     Ogbonge Blog:

Jide Ogunsanya is the founder of this blog; in fact I call him (Father of Tech in Nigeria) he launched this blog while he was running his NYSC Programmes in Anambra State, Nigeria and ever since then he has been working very hard to make sure that his blog gives out the best information that people are searching for, more especially we the bloggers.

If you are so conversant with the Google search results whenever you are searching for things related to blogging, banking, online skills, and tech as a skill, you will see that Ogbonge blog is one of the blog with the highest results in Nigeria.

As a African (Nigerian) you have to try to visit that blog at least 3 times in a week because there are lots you can learn from the blog, most especially when it comes to online skills and money making and lots more stuffs.

2.    Techpoint.ng:

Ever since techpoint.ng came into existence, they have been trying very hard to make sure that they dish out great and quality contents (videos, posts, podcasts, and lots more) in fact it came to a point in 2016 when the blog was so serious in delivering highly researched contents, but all of a sudden Ogbonge blog took over to its former position to continue delivering great and good contents.
But the good thing here is that Techpoint.ng is still in on the second results as released this month.

3.    Loudtips:

Loud tips is the home of technology, most especially when it comes to giving out great contents, it’s a blog where you get to learn lots of skills and many more online stuffs such as blogging .
Damian Samuel Igwe is the Founder of Loudtips blog, he came up with this blog in 2015 and ever since then he has been using his blog to touch and solve people problems online.

Damian is called the Father of SEO (search engine optimization) in Nigeria, and his blog has really help lots of people when it comes to the area of trying to make their blog rank in easily on the Google search engine.
As a blogger or anyone who has a passion for technology, you too can also learn from Loudtips, it’s a very good blog to be.

4.    Techtrendsng:

Techtrendsng use to be the first and best tech blog in Nigeria, as of 2009; it was the best tech blog in Nigeria, not until the big star Jide Ogunsanya came up with the Ogbonge blog and pushed it Techtrendsng to 4th position in the Nigerian tech blogs ranking.
Although Techtrendsng is still working very hard to see if it can take back it position.
Despite the ranking of Techtrendsng, I am not trying to say that it has a loss to other blogs, and you should not look at this ranking but you should be looking for the content they are coming up with on their blog and then learn from them.

5.    Notjustech:

David Chisomeje is the Founder of Notjustech blog; he founded the blog in the year 2015 but made so many mistakes before he finally launched the blog on March 5th, 2015, and ever since then he has been working so hard to make sure that the blog impact on many Nigerians.
Notjustech is ranked 5th position among the top 5 tech blogs in Nigeria as of the latest result released in the first quarter of the year 2017.
Notjustech and her crew are looking fourth to impacting on Nigerian youth specifically by churning out great contents that will help empower them and change the lives of people towards technology.

6.    EzzyboyTech:

 Awucha Ezekiel is the Pro founder of Ezzyboy Tech Blog; He launched this after his photoshop works he posted on facebook went viral, then he decided to teaching some people how to photoshop with some other professional editings. The Blog was introduced on August 29, 2017.
In a Nutshell to this write up, there are lot of things to learn from these top 5 blogs, they are consistent with their blog work, so if you are a bloggers reading this blog post, you can learn to blog in the unique way, try to put in more hard work and be consistent, and then watch your blog speaking for itself.


  1. Felix22/6/17

    I understand this is a guest post. But how about http://www.techsng.com/ ? Do you think the blog is worthy of that position?

  2. This is a lovely list. I hope you right about Freelance websites in Nigeria in Nigeria one day where our website should feature. Lovely post.

  3. nice post keep it up with you sir

    1. Thanks a lot shan.
      check out my blog for updates

  4. Wow! I know loudtips must be on that list. Am really working hard to see my blog Trendzhelm been featured or nominated on this blog.


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